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May 16, 2008, 2:15 am
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Rising petrol prices …

the opportunity to stay home, to enjoy what we have instead of going out looking for more. The chance to really think about what we are doing, is it really necessary to go out yet again, could we have planned more efficiently? the chance to save time (as well as petrol) by doing everything in one outing, instead of going out multiple times in one day. Also (and this is a big one for a lot of people) do you *really* need a second car? we sold one of our cars years ago, and it was one of the best things we ever did. One set of tyres, one warrant, one registration. One petrol tank to fill πŸ™‚ All it takes is organisation. Our city has great buses, the supermarket and Westfield are not far away, we have biked there. We were born with legs, all you need is a backpack and some comfortable shoes and you’re set. Besides, we like to go places together. It would be just weird to be in separate cars now. We use the intercity buses weekly too for the times when one of us has to be out of town, or when the kids need to visit their dad. Look carefully at your situation if you have two cars … it’s very often a complete luxury and not a necessity at all.

Rising grocery prices …

the chance to really look closely at what we eat. How much of it comes out of a packet, how much of it is NOT healthy? how much of it is convenience – we’re tired, we work, we get home with aching feet and bleary eyes, all we want to do is eat as quickly as possible and fall into a chair. Is the freezer being used properly? do the kids like to cook? how can we simplify what we eat – not so much cooking, eating what’s in season? do the kids really need those expensive things to stock up their lunchboxes? do they need to drink juice instead of water (my experience is that kids will drink litres of water if it has ice-cubes … I have no idea why!) what do we really know about nutrition and its effects on our bodies? Cooking doesn’t need to be a horrible drama. Take turns to cook, keep a list of easy recipes. A pot of porridge is easily cooked in the morning and is way better than a bowl of CocoaPops. Do you have a breadmaker? (be careful, you might make a rod for your own back. The kids here don’t like bought bread of any kind now!) but the bread keeps them going for longer, it is more satisfying, and I have to confess I get a sneaky kind of smugness that I *make the bread*! Do you have a yoghurt maker? these are good too. Healthy *and* yummy, and way cheaper than buying the pottles. All you need are the little containers with red lids for lunches, and you’re set. Add fruit to the yoghurt, or even a little sprinkling of bulk bin dried fruit. Speaking of which, check out the bulk bins, they are great.

the economy is going from bad to worse …

an opportunity to look at mortgages and hire purchase agreements/bills, and see if they are being dealt with efficently. Paying a mortage fortnightly instead of monthly makes a huge difference. Is it an idea to talk to the bank, perhaps they will consolidate your loans or waive bank fees. Is money being wasted? what is a need as opposed to a want? Try using cash instead of EFTPOS, cut back on the cafe-lattes, don’t do takeaways any more. Read online or join the library instead of buying books and magazines. I know you always do a cold wash πŸ™‚ time peoples showers (we have a shower-hog in our house and we have to keep a close eye on them or else there would NEVER be hot water!) Plant some veges. Sell clothes you don’t need on TradeMe. Clean out your kitchen cupboards and sell things you don’t use or need. Give your kids a set amount of pocket money and don’t cave in when they want more. Handing out money indiscriminately is bad for your kids as well as for your wallet.

The news is so depressing …

turn off that tv and sit down to dinner at the table.

Don’t have music playing, just talk. Really talk.

Listening to the answers is not optional!

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Great idea. Nice post.

Comment by ZenTiger

Thanks πŸ™‚ if I looked at the negatives I’d cry, or go to Wellington and do bad things to people and get arrested. At the very least :p

Comment by newzealandcoach

Not sure if you’d get arrested for anything violent, just don’t speed from the scene of the crime πŸ™‚

I linked you in this related post: Feedback Loop

Comment by ZenTiger

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